Preliminary Submission:Now-May 31

A virtual dance competition that is inclusive to all styles of dance

An Inclusive and Professional Dance Competition

Worldance is a startup creating a professional career-development platform and unifying global dance forms as one community. It innovatively collects resources and uses high tech software to attract dance lovers from all over the world. To celebrate International Dance day, Worldance is hosting a first-ever inclusive dance convention to give talents an opportunity to perform, collaborate with peers, and connect with dance professionals. This dance competition is a great way to get back into the groove of performing with many options suitable for everyone! We allow anyone ages 8 and up to participate as either a solo, duet, trio, small group, or large group routine. These routines can be anything from ballet, modern, contemporary, tap, jazz, musical theatre, ethnic and folk dances, acro, pom, hip-hop and more! We are excited to have a wide range of elite judges that have professional experience in many of these dance styles. Our judges are college professors from schools like The Juilliard School, The University of Southern California, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Point Park University, The University of Arts, and Peabody Institute at John Hopkin University who have experience working closely with students to help them grow as dancers. We also have dance professionals and dance celebrities as judges and masterclass instructors with extensive real-world experience such as Emmy nominated and named American Tap Queen by major press: Chloe Arnold and Kinjaz dance crew as seen on the television show “World of Dance''. But that’s not all! Worldance will also be hosting a Masterclass Series taught by our panel of distinguished judges available for FREE to all competition contestants! It also covers a dance festival offering multicultural dances workshops and masterclasses such us Africa dances, European Folk dances, Korean and Japanese traditional dances, Middle East and central Asian dances, and Indian Folk and Classical dances.

LiveFolio Platform-A way Live streaming your competition and offer Live feedback

Livefolio is a social platform for talents and professionals to build their live portfolio for the purposes of career development and life-long education by showing their skills, experiences, education, achievements, and industrial networks. In this particular competition, Lifefolio provides a system that specifically serves for video "selecting activities''. It can facilitate the selection by automating coordination works and providing a "live" environment even though the candidates cannot take it in-place. Also, the system is exploring AI grading possibilities. Are you ready to contribute to this experiment? Go to create your profile now!

LiveFolio Demo Video
Go to Livefolio

Leading Experts in the Judge Panel

Our panel of expert judges are extremely respected in the dance world. Being either  dance faculties in the top colleges or distinguished celebrities in various dance field, they are here to criticize submissions and teach a FREE masterclass to all contestants.

FlorianRisaSarah MarshallKiki Lucas

Timeline of Events

Opened Now
March 1st
Pre-registration on LiveFolio
April 1st
Preliminary Registration Opens
April 29th
Masterclass Ballet I
April 30th
Masterclass Ballet II
May 1st

Modern & Contemporary I
May 2nd
Modern & Contemporary II
May 8th
UniCul Dance Fest
African Dance Masterclass
May 16th
UniCul Dance Fest
Traditional Korean and Japanese Dance Workshop
May 22nd
UniCul Dance Fest
European Folk Dance Workshop
May 28th
UniCul Dance Fest
Middle East & Central Asian Dance Workshop
May 31st
Preliminary Registration Closes
June 2nd
Publish Preliminary Results
June 6th
Finals Registration Opens
Public Voting Opens
June 8th
Begin submitting Finals performance
June 25th
Submission Closes
July 3rd
Public Voting Closes
Final Event

Regulations & Rules

Age groups, Divisions, and Categories

Each entry will be placed into an age group based on the average age of participants in the routine as of January 1, 2021. Each age group will then be divided into divisions based on the number of dancers in a routine and categories based on the dance style. (Details please see the PDF doc)

Preliminary Scoring and Awards

Each submission will be scored by our panel of judges based on a detailed rubric. The top three highest scoring submissions per sector (age group and category) will earn a certificate and be qualified to register for the Finals, along with those who win our awards: Judge's Award, Outstanding Choreography Award, Best Instruction Organization Award (dance schools).

Finals Scoring and Awards

Video submissions for Finalists will be posted on our website and social media pages for public voting, which will count as 30% of the final score. The top three Finalists will win a cash prize of $1500 for First Place, $1000 for Second Place, and $500 for Third Place.

Time Limits

The following describes the allotted time for video submissions. Submissions that exceed the time limit will only be judged based on the first two to three minutes, based on the division’s time limit below. 

Division Time Limit
Solo 2:00
Duet / Trio 2:00
Small Group 3:00
Large Group 3:00


Step 1: Pre-registration opens March 1st
Create an account on the “Livefolio” platform ( and fill out your profile information. Make sure your age is filled out and that you have a username.
Step 2: Registration opens April 1st 
Login to your Livefolio account and upload your video submission(s). Add a Tag “Worldance Talent Awards 2021” to your video and fill out the registration form that will automatically pop up. Fill the form by adding dance categories and routine’s information, remember to mark original for choreographer awards section, @ username to add dancers in group dances, @your dance studios’ name or write down “independent”, @ Instructor and Choreographers. Age and Division will be auto filled. Submit the form and continue the video uploading.
Step 3: Receive a contestant number  
Once you upload your video successfully, you should receive a number for the routine you just submitted. You can: Add another routine by going to upload the second video and repeating the registration process or move on to pay the registration fee.
Step 4: Pay the Registration Fee

Registration Fee

The registration fee covers entry of one video submission and access for those participants to the masterclass series taught by the judges. Payments can be made on the “Livefolio” platform along with the registration form as mentioned above. We recommend those submitting a small or large group to have the group leader, preferably from a school or studio, email us at before paying the registration fee for a possible price deduction. There will be no refunds available except for in the case that the event be cancelled by the organizers, Worldance. 

Division Registration Fee
Solo $50
Duet / Trio $35 per contestant
Small Group $25 per contestant
Large Group $20 per contestant

Terms and Conditions

Registers are to understand that this is a virtual dance competition registration and they have read and agreed with the Privacy Policy and Customer Uses on the Livefolio platform and will comply with all the rules of this competition.

Liability Release

Worldance is not responsible for any personal injury before, during or after the event. Worldance reserves the right to cancel any and all events due to lack of registration or other unforeseen circumstances. By submitting the registration I agree to all the terms and conditions contained in the document “Worldance Talent Award 2021 Rules and Regulations”. ​



$130 Value

What's included?

Advanced/ Intermediate Ballet I
Advanced/ Intermediate Ballet II
Modern & Contemporary Advanced/ Intermediate
 Modern & Contemporary II Advanced/ Intermediate
Tap Advanced/ Intermediate
Jazz  Advanced/ Intermediate
Hip-pop Advanced/ Intermediate

UniCul Dance Festival

All Access Pass

What's included?

African Dance Masterclass-Dunham Technique
European Folk Dance Workshop
East Asian-Traditional Korean & Japanese dances Workshop
Middle East & Central Asian Dance Workshop-Turkic Dances of Central Asia and the Caucasus
Indian Classical and Folk Dances

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